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Unfortunately, accidents do not take holidays and although you are the most cautious person on the planet, there is always the other guy. Arran’s roads are narrow and twisty with blind bends and summits at ever turn. This makes being overtaken much more difficult and potentially dangerous, so being more aware and considerate to other road users and letting them pass safely is vital to all concerned. Cycling in smaller split groups of 6 or less helps as does slowing down or pulling in when safe and convenient to allow overtaking and avoiding tailbacks. 


I have outlined below some common sense advice that will help keep you and those around you safe, without reducing your enjoyment.


  • Always wear a helmet. They are provided with the bike and they even look OK.....some may even say cool.

  • Be seen. Wear light-coloured or reflective clothing.

  • Check brakes before descending hills and descend slowly, particularly when there is wet or cracked road surface or muddy track

  • Look well ahead to spot changes in road and track surface.

  • Be aware of traffic and Indicate clearly when changing direction.

  • When on the roads, limit the travelling group to 4 maximum and pull in regularly to allow other road users to pass.

  • Show respect to other road and trail users. Everyone wants to have a good day.


If you are interested in any more safety advice and information please check out the definitive guide to safety and cycling at


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